“Bright” Smokey Eyes: The Hot Makeup Trend for Prom

Forget the black eyeshadow and charcoal liner. For this year’s prom, smokey eyes are hot, but not in a traditional sense. Creating that night-magic look for eyes has always been a big prom trend, but now not every girl in the room has to be wearing identical eyeshadow, liner, and mascara shades. For tips on how to make your eyes pop for prom without taking away from that youthful look that makes you who you are, read on.  You can find everything that we have listed at your nearest boho boutique.

First, what you don’t want is to look matronly on prom night. That means you’ll have to ditch the brown shadow. A couple of years ago it became popular to use a cocoa brown on the lids and line the eyes, top and bottom, with a midnight black eyeliner. While the intended result was to look as if you had naturally beckoning eyes, what we saw instead were young women walking around looking a little too much like that dog from The Little Rascals. Either that, or they looked old and tired from the monotone makeup highlighted with one black ring on each side. On prom nights, the trend really showed its ugly side. Brown and black smokey eyes with bright, colorful dresses and more glitter and sequins (than what should be legally allowed) just looks like a strange mix of old lady makeup and little girl clothing. Unfortunately though, it still goes on each and every year.

Although this fashion mishap did eventually lead to a return of the black and gray smokey eye, there’s a much more fun trend available for prom goers this year. Instead, pick a shade of burgundy, deep berry, emerald green, or cobalt blue. Layer it on as much as you like on the lid, but only apply one stripe to the brow bone. Then, grab a completely new applicator for the next step so that you’ll have a clean slate to work with. You’ll want to lightly tap, not drag, your applicator onto the color palette, getting just a touch of shadow onto the center of the wand.

Next, take the applicator and tap it underneath your eyebrow, making sure to smudge it into the lower, darker layer just a bit. Omit the highlighter step. The point here is to accent the eyes, not the eyebrows, but we’ll discuss that in a moment. While this first step may sound complicated, there’s only need for one eyeshadow shade. The trick is to blend it from darker to lighter into the brow ensuring that the entire lid is covered, but with just the right amount of color on each section. If you find it easier, you can even divide your lid into four or five sections and make the shade lighter as you go up. This makes the color easier to blend, and decreases that dreaded shadow line that occurs between layers with amateurs.

Next, grab that eyelash curler. Remember when we said earlier that the point of this year’s seductive prom look is to highlight the eyes, not the eyebrows? You’re going to do everything you can to accentuate your eyes without depending too much on liner. Focus on those eyelashes instead. Take a metal eyelash curler and place it in front of a blow dryer on low heat for about fifteen to twenty seconds. Touch it with your fingertip to make sure that it is warm, not hot, and then curl at the base of the lashes as far down as you can go for about ten seconds. Repeat on the other side, and be careful not to get the curler too close to your delicate eyelids. Next, you absolutely must use a mascara prep. It’s just a clear coating, almost like a gloss, that preps your lashes for mascara. Use just a touch, though, and concentrate on the outer lashes. Finally, use a lengthening mascara to gently pull the lashes outward. For prom night, it’s best to forgo the volumizing mascara. Too much bulk takes the fun out of the look and can make eyes appear weighed down with makeup.

Finally, use an eyeliner in a shade that doesn’t match your shadow. If you have burgundy shadow, go for violet liner. If you have emerald green shadow, go for a dark teal liner. The possibilities are endless, but make sure that the liner and shadow agree with each other, rather than stand out on their own. In other words, cobalt blue shadow and yellow eye liner look harsh, not smokey. The colors should all blend together. Also, use the liner more on the top than the bottom of your lashes. This will ensure that your eyes appear more open, which will actually increase the amount of attention they receive.

Ok, so you probably already knew how to apply eyeshadow and mascara. What you might not have known was that not just any shade will do for prom 2018’s smokey look. You’ll be wearing a formal gown and stilettos if you’re like most teen queens. Pick shades and textures that show your fun loving youth, but that don’t scream “look at me.” Also, before you even think about it, don’t ever match your eyeshadow and liner with your dress when going for a smoldering eye look. An amethyst gown with emerald green eyes is hot. An amethyst gown with Barney-purple eyes is just distracting. Also, another trend for prom 2018 is wearing a solid black dress with a shocking eye color in a deep tone that mimics the earlier smokey-eye trends. Whatever you do, have fun. It’s your prom, and this year the eyes have it. Just make sure your sultry smokey look is soulful and dramatic, not gaudy and immature. You get the idea.